Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What makes us men,
is what makes us animals.....
well-dressed monsters,
civilisation of evil........
what makes us different...??

what makes us different.....
a thin line,
a thin line of choices,
choices and chances,
chances and challenges...
and mistakes......

what makes us different,
is what makes us men...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Being an unwilling witness to a perfectly staged dogfight between students aspiring for posts in our students assoc. CSA, i decided to scribble down my perception of the whole debacle..(in hindi by the way) 

DISCLAIMER: Some resemblance to persons living maybe intentional, but who cares!


Hui yahan pe ek sabha 
hazaron jo ban gaye gawah
ban ke Nagre, Modi aaye
hasa hasa ke khoob rulaye

na jaane inko kya lalchaye
gala phad yeh khoob chillaye
ek toh bas do ungli uthaye
duja bhagwan ke gunn gaye

aaye manch pe kitne bhaiya
lagi ya doobi sabki naiyya
jaane inhone kya hai sikha
samajhe kise bewakoof kahin ka

Gagan tha bhadka, Prithvi soyi
kyun na inko pooche koi
aage bihari babua aaye
bin pooche hi kaate jaye

phir apne tillu ji aaye
yawn-gyan ka mudda uthaye
hui khatam na meri kavita
abhi toh chunana hai humko neta

aa gaye kal saare nateejay
maar raha adhyapak pj
koi na sunta uski baat
janta rahi thi uski kaat

naare laga rahi thi janta
gayab tha woh Modi banda
jeet gaya ek bihari woh
chadha manch pe bin bole jo 

haarne walon ka dekho chehra
sadma laga ho jaise gehra
humko unse kya hai paana
milo toh bas tum jeeb dikhana

sab sadkon pe ghoome saare
baras rahi hon jaise baharein
wazeer bana jab kal ka kaneez
phadi sabne uski kameez 

mujhko kuch aur nahi hai kehna
aur na tumko hai yeh sehna
khatam kar raha hun kavita
khush hun apna bihari jeeta

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


All is gone
All is lost
For the night is upon us
With a silence, a frost

I close my eyes
From fear of light
For when darkness shines
Is when life goes blind.

Was once in my life
I gave away my dream
It’s when I heard
The reaper’s rhyme

The closet doors
The creepy corners
No longer talk to me
Say even fear has honour

The forsaken crowd
Won’t say why
But I understand
They fear the eyes of mine

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Please explain..

this post is somwhat inspired from and is a follow-up to a friend's post on movies....
though i'd like to point out that being the patriot that i am(some people would disagree just because i don't know the capital of every freaking state), i have concentrated rather on the charm of the indian movies.....

1. relate-vity -- everyone knows everyone....and always the bad kid turns out a longlost son of a police officer who now is a police commisioner...

2. no matter where the hero shoots, the bad guy's guards die with a freaking headshot.

3. i wonder why the government spends on ammunition...the hero's (6-bullet) pistol never seems to go short of ammo..

4. if in an action flick, the hero has a friend(usually they meet after 20 years as enemies).. he always ends trying to save the hero's mom from the bad guy...(n yeah the lead always gets shot in arm usually right)

5. this one special movie "gunda"(not recommended)... a guy with a freakin 30 inch sword through his stomach runs while the backdrop changes from a desert to a building site to a dock... eventually meeting up with his boss and saying "Bulla! Bulla! Lambu Atte ne mujhe chaku mar diya!!"

and guess what.....the moment Bulla pulls out the sword, the guy dies...(please explain)

6. but dialogues like "main husn ki payti se hawas ki seeti bajata hun" and "Lambu Atte ne tujhe lamba kar diya....maachis ki tilli ko khamba kar diya..!!" sure are priceless...

7. the bad guy is a cut above the rest...always dressed like a fashion disaster...and always with a crazy-ass tagline...
"mogambo khush hua"
"saara shehar humein lion ke naam se janta hai"
"by god dil garden-garden ho gaya"
"bad man itna bad hai ki bachche tak bad banane se darrte hain"
and my personal favourite...
"ganji khopdi don ke hote"

i have restrained from mentioning some of the more funniest ones to avoid censoring...

8. that reminds me.......the next time you see two flowers touching .........(dekh-dekh!! muah-muah chal rahi hai!!)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

could'nt think of one..

this post exists merely as an excuse to avoid the malpractice called education....and to have an alibi for that wretched conscience thingy....
i can't recall a time when i worked as much as i was supposed to. its as if satan intervenes to save my lifeforce....its a soothing sickness where you have that nice tingling feeling in your feet......though that's just the tip of the iceberg...

the symptoms(those i suffer from)

1. an insatiable appetite for slumber
2. an unbound hunger
3. a sudden variation in the definition of boring
4. an unparalleled interest in that small cobweb in the corner
5. a rise in the appreciation of beauty around us....precisely a laptop, an ipod(i don't have one but still),a person to talk to for that matter.....
6. that general disregard for all the pioneers of the 19th century or something who immortalized their backyard toil(do i hear shouts of agreement??)
7. a feeling to avoid work by all means(like a blog maybe)-subjected to personal habitude

that i guess ought to convey the message from the deepest layers of my absurdly bigoted head....

now back to education...
tomorrow's the only exam i can score an A....(i can't believe myself... an actual real-time A!!)

who am i??

"its still the same
its been the same
day after night
always till today

am i a father's pride,
or my mother's smile,
a brother's chum or
the twinkle of a sister's eye

am i smugness
on a friend's face,
or a loathing,
a heartbreak

am i sane
a chap of reason,
or plain simple rabid
with no thoughts humane

its still the same
its been the same
night after day
always till today

for today i know
not all but this
i am a bit sad
and so are you

for today i know
you read my words
being a dimwit when i ask
"Who am I??" "

PS: no offence.... :P

Sunday, March 23, 2008

metamorphosis in humans....

SATURDAY 8pm : the trek is going to be awesome...

8am: lets go people...
11am: lets walk to the top...i think there's a way to the waterfall...
11:05 am: oh fck, i'm tired..(that was probably me)
12:35 pm: eh keep walking....
1:30 pm: just go back to the bus(motherfather)...
1:35 pm: yeeeeeaa WATERFALL!!!
1:40 pm: yeea Waterfall! (note the drop)
1:45 pm: waterfaaall...(sigh)
1:50 pm: where's the waterfall??
1:55 pm: water PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fall!!
2 pm: m so freakin tired....#$#@$#
2:05 pm: fck it....fck everything..
2:10 pm: i quote "i guess i am too freaking tired to complain..."

you can surely see the change in human behaviour due to the ever-increasing excitement levels.....
so you see...... never ever go anywhere when you have no clue whatsoever about the damn place......
because you observe the thrill of trekking at an unknown location lasts for exactly 25 minutes(note 1:35 - 2 pm) with an uncertainity of 5 mins...
and you might have already guessed...WAS no waterfall.....!!!

but justice was rendered.....after several hours of worthless efforts the trek did end in a waterfall....payback's a bitch they say....

PS: also always follow in a dog's footsteps....